Suri Cruise Turns Two Down Below

Sheesh. Look at the crazy-ass angle at which these pictures were photographed. As interested as I am in seeing images of Suri Cruise’s 2nd birthday party, I’m now thinking that I’d also like to see what the paparazzo who got this shot looked like–hanging out of a helicopter, from the branch of a giant tree, or hovering in the air with the use of a jet pack.

In any case, the birthday party was held at a regular Church of Scientology hangout, a privately guarded gated Mediterranean estate in the Hollywood Hills. From the view above, we were able to see that the shindig had a four-layer custom birthday cake and 24 little cakes for each party guest.

We don’t have pictures, but I’m going to speculate that Katie carefully arranged the tiny cakes to spell out an S.O.S. until Tom got suspicious that she was handling such high-calorie foods.


10 more photos from Suri Cruise’s B-Day party are after the jump.

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