Suri Cruise Works Her New Bangs, Gets Dressed Up With Katie Holmes For Easter [PHOTOS]

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Suri Cruise's thoughts on Hollywood.
Happy Easter from Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes.

America’s favorite mother and daughter duo were spotted in New York City this afternoon heading to an Easter brunch in their Sunday best. Suri recently got herself a little bang trim, which gave us a little bit of a shock since it didn’t seem to suit her. Luckily, she’s already figured out the way to work them.

Think Katie told her to brush them to the side? Katie has had her own fashion troubles of late, so we doubt she’s ready to give advice. Although I do love her Easter look. Sure it’s not as puffy as Suri’s, but then again, Katie isn’t a six-year-old girl. So what do you guys think it’s like not be a Scientologist this year? 

After her divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie decided to pick up back where she’d left off with the Catholic Church and became a member of the Church of St. Francis. Also, do Scientologists celebrate Easter? I remember reading somewhere they do Christmas, so it would be the same basic principal, right? If you’ve got any insight, let us know in the comments!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Suri and Katie as they head to Easter brunch. How do we feel about Suri’s bangs now? And have a very Happy Easter, everyone!