Suri Cruise Wears A Puffy Coat, Goes Bowling With Katie Holmes [PHOTOS]

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Suri Cruise! Where have you and your puffy jacket been all my life?!

The uber fashionable celebrity child was spotted in New York City on Sunday (October 22) enjoying some quality time with mommy, Katie Holmes. That seems to be all she’s doing recently since she’s not seeing her dad very much.

This time Suri and Katie decided to partake in some good ole’ fashioned bowling! I’m quite amazed that Suri even rented some bowling shoes. She seems too high brow for that. Also, Suri’s jacket is amazing! Sure it looks like she’s not wearing pants, but it’s OK because the jacket is so puffy. Katie on the other hand, umm, no. 

Katie, we really need to discuss your wardrobe of late. You’re Katie Holmes, mother of Suri Cruise, former Mrs. Tom Cruise, one of the most recognizable figures ever–we can’t have you dressing like you’re Joey Potter from Dawson’s Creek in the late 90s. That’s not how this works.

Well, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, how about you guys launch the gallery to check out all the awesome photos of Suri’s coat. And all the photos of Katie’s not so awesome get up. What do you guys think of Katie’s recent outfits? Think they could use some improvement? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!