Suri Cruise Throws Diva Fit, Has Meltdown! [PHOTOS]

December 15th, 2011 // 2 Comments

Oh dear, what did Katie Holmes to do to piss off Suri? FAO Schwartz is supposed to be such a happy place!

Suri Cruise threw a temper tantrum in New York’s FAO Schwartz toy store, as she was crying and shouting at her Mom Katie Holmes who was treating her to a special day out.

Suri ended up being all smiles after being given a lollipop and other toys. Bribing children is oh so effective!

The mini fashionista was wearing a faux fur coat along with a lavender dress and tights, paired with some gold heels.

Earlier in the day Katie had taken Suri to her gymnastics class. Apparently she the tumbling didn’t help get out her aggressions!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Suri Cruise Wearing Heels And Crying In FAO Schwartz
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    This child is a nightmare in the making.

  2. Suri Cruise Wearing Heels And Crying In FAO Schwartz
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    Wow – if she’s allowed to act like this in public — I can’t imagine how this kid acts inside their home. I’m very disappointed with Katie as I used to like her. This is not how I would raise a child. It is embarassing… sure – every child throws a tantrum – but how much is acceptable? Not this!

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