Suri Cruise Takes Katie Holmes Shopping [PHOTOS]

Tom & Suri Time
Tom Cruise spends time with his daughter
Tim Gunn Rants on Suri
Gunn Rants on Suri Cruise fashion
Oh please, like it could be the other way around. Suri Cruise, America’s favorite celebrity child, was spotted in New York City doing some shopping with mom, Katie Holmes. We’re positive it was Suri’s idea to go out today as she is one of the greatest people and my personal fashion icon. 

Suri has been quite the New York social butterfly. She’s having fancy lunches with Katie and her giant pink mouse and making sure to keep her ballet flats dry. Her personal assistant today seems to be a stuffed cow. Right? That’s totally a cow. She probably made it at Build-A-Bear yesterday. 

Check out all the photos of Suri being adorable in the gallery. Katie is pretty, but definitely not on the same “oh my god, I want to pinch your cheeks” scale as Suri.