Suri Cruise Shows Off Her Ballet Moves For Bikini-Clad Katie Holmes

Katie & Suri Get Cuddly
Mom & Daughter Snuggle After Gymnastics Class
It’s been awhile since I myself have gotten to write about Suri Cruise, so I’m a little bit excited.

My favorite celebrity child was spotted in Miami today enjoying the warm weather alongside Katie Holmes. Suri sported an adorable Hello Kitty swimsuit and seemed to love running, swimming, eating candy canes and doing some ballet.

Also, would you have pegged Katie for a hot pink bikini sort of person? I did not. So, do you think Suri gets to spend any of the holiday season with Tom Cruise

From the looks of Katie’s Twitter, she and Suri have been busy having their own holiday fun. Aww look, Suri even went to see The Nutcracker. I bet she got to dance onstage with them.

I am just endlessly fascinated by the life that Suri Cruise leads. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of mother and daughter on their New Years vacation. And someone please get Katie a new swimsuit and something better to put over it than that plaid shirt.