Suri Cruise Reunited With Katie Holmes After Spending Thanksgiving In London With Tom Cruise [PHOTOS]

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Suri Cruise has been spotted out in New York with her mum Katie Holmes following her Thanksgiving Day trip to see daddy Tom Cruise. After a whirlwind trip to the UK, where the six year old reportedly spent the holidays it was back to normal this week as she walked to the Avenues school in Chelsea.

The famous tot has been at the exclusive school since September and while she usually enjoys it, after the excitement of the holidays she looked a little downcast to be back in lessons.

Wearing a cute pink jacket and matching hair-band the stylish school girl was seen arriving yesterday (November 26, 2012).

Then again, this drizzly morning (November 27, 2012), a make-up free Katie was seen dropping Suri off at school.

The Dawson’s Creek star enjoyed a family day in Ohio for Thanksgiving, though jetted back soon after to continue rehearsals for her Broadway play Dead Accounts which will open later this week. Co-star Judy Greer recently gushed over how great Katie is at being a single mum, whilst also managing her successful career. 

“I’ve just been impressed by her work ethic …and her ability…to juggle being an awesome mom,” Judy marvelled to Vanity Fair.

“I mean, she’s always like, ‘I went to Suri’s class this morning, I was reading to the first-graders.’ And I’m like…’I can barely schedule in a workout and getting to rehearsal, and I’m just here by myself in an apartment.’”

She added: “[She] works out every day, she’s cooking dinner at night…she manages to go and get [Suri] a new dress if she has a special thing [and is] going to her lessons after school.”

In other words, Katie is pretty happy without Tom.