Suri Cruise Remains Adorable, Enjoys A Playdate Alongside Katie Holmes

Suri Cruise Likes Dolls
Suri uses her doll to hide from the paparazzi.
It’s Suri Cruise! It’s Suri Cruise! It’s Suri Cruise!

It’s been awhile since we spotted my favorite celebrity child out and about in the world but here she is, looking adorable and being awesome. Suri was sporting quite the funky outfit yesterday (July 9) as she and mommy Katie Holmes enjoyed a playdate with her friends.

Is that a leotard she’s wearing under her shirt? Only Suri could make that work. She seemed very in charge of the situation as she confidently pulled Katie down the stairs. Katie, always listen to Suri. 

Maybe if you followed her fashion advice a bit more, you could have avoided something boring like this. Remember, nothing says funky and fashionable like a blue skirt, pink top and leopard shoes. Nothing.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of America’s favorite celebrity child. Think we’ll be getting to see more of Miss Cruise soon? Well, one can only hope.