Suri Cruise Plays It Cool For The Paparazzi [PHOTOS]

December 16th, 2011 // 1 Comment

Suri Cruise was never one to ham it up for the paparazzi, but lately she’s seemed really OVER it.  Today in New York, Suri and dad Tom Cruise headed to Chelsea Piers, and Suri allowed dad to take the helm on dealing with the peons.

Suri’s just an underprivileged spawn of two Hollywood stars, looking to shop and melt down in private.  Suri’s not a Kardashian, so must the cameras capture her every move? 

Call me nuts, but I think Cruise is wearing the same dress today that she was back in November.  Normally this sort of thing wouldn’t catch our attention, but we had no idea that Suri recycles her outfits.  Suri Cruise: She’s just like us.

By Kelly Lynch

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    Why is this child ALWAYS allowed to run around in cold weather without proper clothing? I have been noticing this for the last couple of winters. You can see that all the people in the background are wearing coats, hats, etc, but she has this loose knit dress which is much too short, no stockings on and sandals. Who dresses this child? I suspect she dresses herself and she obviously doesn’t like to wear coats in the winter. I also suspect that if her parents dared tried to put a coat on her she would throw a tantrum. So Suri does what Suri wants. Can’t wait till she grows up. Wow, they have no idea what they are in for. I guess this is what Scientology teaches parents. Let the children make all the decisions regardless of whether they could get sick and die.

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