Suri Cruise Makes Katie Holmes Teach Her How To Master The Bicycle [PHOTOS]

Suri: So Far Away!
Katie has been doing a good job of keeping Tom away. Ouch!
Go, Suri Cruise! Go!

America’s favorite celebrity child was spotted in NYC this weekend getting her first taste of freedom: learning how to ride a bicycle. It seems appropriate that she’s going after this new freedom not longer after mommy Katie Holmes sought her own. Coincidence?! I think not!

Suri looked adorable in pink, as she often does, and made sure that Katie didn’t wander too far away just in case she needed someone to grab onto her. So how’s it going for Suri now that mommy and daddy aren’t together anymore?

She seems to be adjusting quite well. She’s really throwing herself in gymnastics–Olympics 2024!–and is making sure that both Tom and Katie are still attending to her every whim. Well, at least I’m assuming this is what is happening. Sadly my direct phone line to the Cruise household was recently disconnected.

Check out cute Suri in the gallery and tell us who you think she’s holding up below. Wild guesses and totally made up stories are greatly appreciated.

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