Suri Cruise Makes A Mad Dash To The Car In NYC [PHOTOS]

June 11th, 2012 // 1 Comment

Run, Suri Cruise, run like the wind! Everybody’s favorite celebrity child was spotted in New York City on Monday running as if her life depended on it. The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes exited her NYC apartment and was clearly in no mood to greet folks, so she booked it as fast as she cool.

Suri seems to be a real hit or miss for the paparazzi. Sometimes she’s all about the smiling and showing off her doll, and other times she’s giving them the stink eye while eating a cupcake. It’s all good, because look how cute her outfit is! The maxi dress, the perfect flats–she is amazing.

Also, she has the best hair. Look at it fly in the wind. Hopefully we’ll get some more running shots of Suri. Until then, I’ll be busy reading this and laughing. Oh, how we love that Suri Cruise.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. dragon girl

    Ugh! Enough of this over exposed celeb!! Wait… oh, ok Xenu says it’s all good. I’ll worship her every move now. Why do I feel thetans taking over me? Seriously I’m scared yall!!

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