Suri Cruise Likes Croissants

Suri's Silly Faces!
A gallery full of reminders that she's a kid, not a mini-Katie.
It’s 7 years later and I’m still stuck on her name. Suri Cruise…how gorgeous is that? The most gorgeous name I’ve ever heard and it has a famous ring to it…good thing she’s famous, so kudos to parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

The famous 7-year old was seen leaving school in NYC wearing her signature color pink with stuffed animal and a croissant in hand. Mmm…croissants.

Cruise loves the color pink. When she broke her arm back in August, can you guess what color her cast was? Yep, it was pink. Suri never steps out without at least one pink article of clothing on. This celebrity kid is so daring. She was spotted last year wearing head-to-toe pink…Yes, you read that right…head-to-toe. Barbie ain’t got s#*% on her.

Is her name copyrighted? I think I want to name one of my kids Suri.