Suri Cruise Lets The Paparazzi Know What She Really Thinks Of Them [PHOTOS]

Suri Cruise's Silly Faces
The many funny faces of Suri Cruise.
Suri Cruise is not happy
The little tyke throws a temper tantrum in FAO Schwartz.
Suri Cruise lets the paparazzi know how she really feels about them on occasion, and yesterday (August 20, 2012) was one of those occasions.

The little diva made a number of faces at the paps, and stuck out her tongue at one point, while being by mom Katie Holmes during a stop at Two Little Red Hens bakery in New York City.

I’d be making the same faces too if the paparazzi were constantly taking my picture too.

Prior to their stop at the bakery, the mother and daughter made visit to the Make Meaning Activity Center. The pair stopped at the studio around 7 p.m., and Suri worked on a ceramics project, while Katie made six decorative coasters out of glass. 

A source told

“From time to time, Katie would help Suri with her ceramics project. They looked very cute and happy — didn’t seem like they had a care in the world.”

They don’t, they’re free.