Suri Cruise & Katie Holmes Wear Matching Faces, Grab Ice Cream In The Cold [PHOTOS]

Tom And Suri Hang
Tom Cruise enjoys and outing with Suri Cruise.
Look who it is! Everybody’s favorite mother and daughter, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise! At least they’re my favorite.

The former Mrs. Tom Cruise and her little tot were spotted in New York City today (November 11) grabbing some ice cream and making some funny faces to go along with it.

Suri and her mother are pretty adorable together. Even when Katie decides to wear weird outfits, she’s got Suri to balance out the cute. You know, it’s actually kind of nice to see Suri and Katie looking so normal and happy together. Well, I can’t quite tell if Suri is happy or not. She doesn’t seem to be enjoying her ice cream. Katie is looking quite happy these days though!

Maybe it has something to do with her new life as a New York theatre personality. She’s actually getting pretty decent reviews for her role in the Broadway show Dead Accounts, which should be exciting for someone who started out with a show as melodramatic as Dawson’s Creek. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dawnson’s Creek. But, come on.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Katie and Suri grabbing ice cream. Aren’t Suri’s legs frozen? It looks so cold! What do you guys think of the new normal Suri and Katie? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!