Suri Cruise Isn’t In The Mood For The Paparazzi On Her Birthday [PHOTOS]

Suri Cruise Likes Dolls
Suri uses her doll to hide from the paparazzi.
Aww. Suri Cruise is playing the shy card on the sixth birthday.

As she crossed the road the young lady looked upset by the flashbulbs and kept her teddy close to her while her blanket covered her face. I’d be shy too if as many paparazzo wanted to take my photo.

Suri wore a cute pink ruffled dress and silver ballet shoes (no heels on this special day?), but she covered her face in her blanket and stuffed toy as she and her mom Katie Holmes headed out into the city.

Last night the pair arrived back from New Orleans into New York, and Suri was rewarded with an early birthday present of an ice cream cone. I’m guessing a trip to Serendipity is on the to do list.