Suri Cruise Is The Only Person Enjoying The Polar Vortex

Suri's Silly Faces!
A gallery full of reminders that she's a kid, not a mini-Katie.
It might be 16 degrees in New York City (-9 degrees if we’re talking celsius), but that didn’t bother Suri Cruise.

My favorite celebrity child was spotted in the Big Apple yesterday dancing around in the snow and showing off some ballet moves. I wonder if she’s having more fun with ballet in the snow or if she liked it more in the heat of Miami.

Suri looked cute and ready for the cold weather in her school uniform and a pink coat. Actually, I kind of want her coat.  

It looks very Jackie O. All Suri is missing right now is a pill box hat. Also, I love the way snow looks when paparazzi take photos of it. Like the photos of Paul Wesley from yesterday. So entertaining.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Suri in the snow. Ooo, that’s actually the name of my new children’s book. Suri In The Snow. Would you read it?