Suri Cruise & Her Fur Coat Enjoy A Playdate While Katie Holmes Wears Cute Clothes [PHOTOS]

Suri: So Far Away!
Katie has been doing a good job of keeping Tom away. Ouch!
Things Suri Cruise can pull off that normal humans can’t: a bad-ass fur coat.

Suri was spotted being her ever fashionable self in New York City yesterday (Match 10) as she got ready for a play-date with her friend in pink. So, did I miss something or is her friend actually not wearing shoes? Also, New Yorkers! What was the weather like yesterday? Cause Suri’s got the coat, but blonde BFF is wearing a t-shirt.

Suri wasn’t the only fashionable lady yesterday. Katie Holmes wore a cute outfit! Yay! It’s always something to celebrate when that happens. The studded biker jacket and jeans look is much better than this monstrosity of days gone by. So what are the Holmes-Cruise ladies up to these days? 

Well! Suri has recently taken up tennis, like any good, responsible future New York socialite should do. I just assume that’s where her life is headed. Oh and Katie? She’s off having dates with mystery men at basketball games. Why Katie won’t just date one of these guys is beyond me.

Launch the gallery to check out all the cute photos of mother, daughter and blonde BFF. Think the coat is adorable? Think it’s faux? And how much do you love Katie’s look? Sound off in the comments!