Suri Cruise Hasn’t Seen Her Dad In A While, But Seems To Be Pulling Through [PHOTOS]

September 27th, 2012 // 1 Comment

These days, it seems that Suri Cruise has become more talked about than her famous parents, despite the recent drama circling around them.

Although the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is unfolding quite gracefully, one can only wonder if Suri is falling through the cracks. Since the announcement was made on June 29th, Suri has been seen spending more time at her mothers side in New York than anywhere else. Understandable, considering Cruise’s recent schedule being packed full of travel. The actor is currently in London filming his latest movie, “All You Need Is Kill,” after just finishing filming for his other new movie, “Oblivion,” in New Orleans, Iceland and New York, reports the Huffington Post.

Suri, being just 6 years old, is at a point in her life where geographical stability is imperative. The starlet recently started school at a prestigious private academy in Chelsea; an event that her father couldn’t accompany her on. This is in addition to the news that Cruise reportedly hasn’t seen his daughter since their trip to Walt Disney World in early August. However, Cruise’s lawyer Bert Fields has spoken about Cruise and his daughter’s relationship saying that “Tom, who is working on a picture in England calls Suri every day, sometimes twice a day.”

While out in Chelsea with her mother on Thursday, Suri was seen on the phone, speaking happily to someone. Perhaps this was her father calling his daughter after a day of shooting in London.

Being born into a family of actors, Suri has probably become used to the busy schedules of her parents, so hopefully she is pulling through this difficult transition alright.

Check out the gallery to see how Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes look, minus Tom.

By Marcelle Luna

  1. Tibbett Elliott

    Suri is probably going through a very hard time right now. Any six year old would definately be blindsighted by their parents divorce. As much as I am happy that Katie chose to make her move and divorce Tom I wonder if she will keep her word and let adorable Suri continue to have visits with her father and older brother and sister. I feel very sorry for Suri and Katie both. Suri shouldn’t have to be put through all this mess. I try to model my life after Katie’s because she is a wonderful mother , woman , and actress. I have kids of of my own . But Katie and Tom should work together to raise Suri. I love both Tom and Katies movies. I think that Katies relationship with Chris Klein was a more suitable relationship for her. Suri of course needs a STABLE father figure in her life Tom is hardly ever there. I am praying for both Katie and Suri that they will get through this mess quickly. Tom needs to move on and get a life!!!

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