Suri Cruise Hangs With Friends & Cuddles Close To Mommy As Parents Get Officially Divorced [PHOTOS]

Tom and Suri At Disneyland
Tom Cruise and Suri ride the teacups at Disneyland.
Suri Cruise is not happy
The little tyke throws a temper tantrum in FAO Schwartz.
Hey Suri Cruise, how you holding up?

America’s favorite celebrity child, OK, my favorite celebrity child, was seen in New York City this weekend having a play date and looking fabulous. Something seems to have gone wrong though as Suri cuddled close to mom, Katie Holmes, and appeared to making a sad face.

Now that mommy and daddy are officially divorced–check out the details of their divorce settlement–what does that mean for little Suri?

Well, probably not much. As the settlement says, she can’t be shipped off to boarding school, so she’ll probably be spending a lot of time in NYC, going to gymnastics and being the stylish child we know and love.

But seriously, why is she all sad? Look at how she’s burying her face into her mom! Does she want daddy? Was her friend mean? Does she need ice cream? All valid reasons to cry. What are your thoughts? Leave us your guesses in the comments.

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