Is Suri Cruise Upset Over Obama Win? [PHOTOS]

Suri Cruise's Silly Faces
The many funny faces of Suri Cruise.
Probably not. But at least she’s in a voting mood.

Yesterday (November 06, 2012), Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise and friends were seen walking home from school in New York City. Suri, who was wearing a paper “VOTE” necklace, made a slew of very funny and expressive faces as she said goodbye to her friend.

Us Weekly is reporting that as Katie gets back to work in her first Broadway gig since appearing in All My Sons four years ago, she is doing it with aplomb and with no sign of her personal issues on display. 

“People thought they would have to step on egg shells [around her],” a source told the publication.

“She’s got her personal stuff going on, but she leaves that at the door. [And ] behind the scenes she’s a funny, loving girl, not an ounce of diva in her.”

Katie is said to have grown close with the crew and “has been eating her lunches with the rest of the cast,” the insider added. “They’ve all really bonded.”

Tom who?