Suri Cruise & Cruz Beckham: Celebrity Kid Couples We’d Love To See

Suri's Silly Faces!
A gallery full of reminders that she's a kid, not a mini-Katie.
Are you guys ready for this? How adorable would it be if Suri Cruise and Cruz Beckham became an item?

I know, the excitement is just overwhelming! And that’s exactly why we’re picking Suri and Cruz as our next Celebrity Kid Couple! I’m sure this is even something that Suri herself would be happy about.

The Beckhams are known all around the world for their fashion and general awesome factor, so imagine mixing that with the coolest celebrity child ever, Suri. I mean, honestly, how incredible would they be together? Just think about it.

First of all, you know that Suri and Cruz’s mom Victoria would get along super well because they’re both so fashionable. Second of all, both Suri and Cruz are really beautiful children, so they’d just be fun to look at together. And thirdly, the whole Suri Cruise and CruzBeckham thing makes me laugh.

So, let’s plan their first date. I’m thinking a candlelit dinner on top of the Empire State building where they will dine on the fanciest of foods. Maybe. Suri and Cruz seem like those kids who only eat escargot or chicken nuggets–there is no in between. Following that I’m thinking they need a romantic carriage ride in Central Park before catching a Broadway show. Can you say best date?

Launch the gallery to check out some super cute photos of both Suri and Cruz to get an idea of how great they would be together. I just can’t tell you how much the idea of tiny children doing adult things makes me laugh, and Suri and Cruz getting together would be the best and funniest thing of all. Think they’d be a cute couple? Got anything to add to their first date? Sound off in the comments!