Suri Cruise Being A Brat On Set?

Apparently Suri Cruise is not making many friends on the set of her mom Katie Holmes’ new film Jack and Jill. Or so says the National Enquirer.

Apparently a source is saying that the 4-year-old is out of control, adding, “She’s a champion tantrum thrower and neither her mom and dad at home nor the cast and crew on Katie’s movie can deny her.” Oh really? Try spanking that child if that’s the case. It usually works. It worked on me.

“Everyone working on the movie thought it was cute when Suri began telling people to ’shush’ as cameras rolled. But once she got a little more comfortable, she took charge. She was soon demanding cookies from crew members — and if she wasn’t granted her request right away, she’d throw a fit”

While I know that this child probably is spoiled as all get out, her being a diva at 4? I doubt it. And if she is, then she learned that from somewhere obviously. I daresay her father. Holmes and daughter were spotted in Florida while taking a break from filming.

Just wait until she’s a pre-teen and wants to start boozing…