Suri Cruise And Katie Holmes Involved In Car Accident, Limo Not As Flexible As Suri [PHOTOS]

Last night, Katie Holmes took Suri Cruise to Chelsea Piers in Manhattan for her gymnastics class.  At about 9:30pm, the Mercedes taking Holmes and her daughter home was struck on Suri’s side by a garbage truck.

According to reports, the garbage truck did not stop and the driver of Holmes’ car sped back to her apartment building with a crying Suri in it.  “It was nothing major other than the fact that it was Katie Holmes,” a source told New York Daily News.

After dropping them off, the driver went to look for the truck and found it in a garage picking up trash near Madison Sqaure Garden. When the truck exited the garage the driver stopped him and phoned police. 

Suri hasn’t seen her father, Tom Cruise since the pair announced their divorce on June 28th.  He has been splitting his time in Iceland and California filming Oblivion.

“Tom will be seeing Suri very soon. I don’t know exactly when that will be, and I couldn’t tell you, but I do know it will be very soon,” lawyer Bert Fields told Radar Online.  “Tom loves his Suri very, very much, as he does his other two children. Tom is a family man and dedicated to his children. They are the center of his world.”