Suri Can Be An Actress If She Likes

As much as I do believe that Tom Cruise is Nuts (oh yes, with a capital “N”), I do have to say that he and his wife Katie and daughter Suri know how to make the most out of a cute family photo-op. Here, the Cruise bunch are leaving a swank dinner at the Coco Payzo restaurant on the Upper West Side in NYC. Actually, I guessed it was NYC as soon as I saw Tom’s suit because we like to keep it California Casual on this side of the country. I love Suri’s red cape thing she’s wearing–I’ve never been one to endorse the wearing of a cape in public, but she might just be able to pull it off.

Katie’s been hard at work promoting her film, “Mad Money,” and was just on David Letterman, chatting with Dave. She looks great–with her long legs, shiny hair and perfect make-up–but she was just so restrained and uber-polished when she talked–it felt like she’d been programmed. She did get to gushing when talking about Suri, already giving her daughter the green light to get into acting.

“She’s already a wonderful artist. If she wants to [act], great. If she doesn’t, OK.” Well, yeah, if your dad is Tom Cruise, I doubt deciding to get into acting means you’re going to be waiting tables in Hollywood for about five years while going out on auditions, so it probably wouldn’t be a life filled with hardship. But still, here’s my biggest living argument against letting children get into acting too young.

Photos: WENN

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Photos: WENN