Suri Can Be An Actress If She Likes

January 15th, 2008 // 21 Comments

As much as I do believe that Tom Cruise is Nuts (oh yes, with a capital “N”), I do have to say that he and his wife Katie and daughter Suri know how to make the most out of a cute family photo-op. Here, the Cruise bunch are leaving a swank dinner at the Coco Payzo restaurant on the Upper West Side in NYC. Actually, I guessed it was NYC as soon as I saw Tom’s suit because we like to keep it California Casual on this side of the country. I love Suri’s red cape thing she’s wearing–I’ve never been one to endorse the wearing of a cape in public, but she might just be able to pull it off.

Katie’s been hard at work promoting her film, “Mad Money,” and was just on David Letterman, chatting with Dave. She looks great–with her long legs, shiny hair and perfect make-up–but she was just so restrained and uber-polished when she talked–it felt like she’d been programmed. She did get to gushing when talking about Suri, already giving her daughter the green light to get into acting.

“She’s already a wonderful artist. If she wants to [act], great. If she doesn’t, OK.” Well, yeah, if your dad is Tom Cruise, I doubt deciding to get into acting means you’re going to be waiting tables in Hollywood for about five years while going out on auditions, so it probably wouldn’t be a life filled with hardship. But still, here’s my biggest living argument against letting children get into acting too young.

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8 more photos of the Cruise’s, and check out video of Katie Holmes on David Letterman last night after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zekers

    I like how she’s dressed in these pictures, much less aging.
    Does Suri have burgundy highlights?

  2. T-Bone

    They are indeed an attractive, put-together family, but there’s something missing. Tom Cruise is sort of a master at making his world look perfect on the outside, even if it’s crumbling on the inside. I don’t know. Something’s awry. I think this family is happy for now, but something’s gonna give. I get the feeling that as long as his wives play along nicely and do what he says, all is well.

  3. peachpie

    Ms. Timmons, that may be “THE” most persuasive argument against letting children get into acting too young i’ve ever heard or read. i was not a socialitelifer back in ’05, so i missed that little jewel. thanks for the resurrect.

  4. Zekers

    Believe me T-Bone, that isn’t a hunch you’re feeling. These people are actors, they’re going to show us whatever Tom says to show us. I fear for Suri once the shit hits the fan and Katie tells Tom she wants out. Will Suri be calling Tom’s latest purchase/Stepford wife “Mom?”

  5. Hey Cupcake

    I know it’s a dead horse, but I’m resurrecting the argument that that’s NOT their biological child. There was the fluctuating baby bump on Katie, plus the fact that Suri seems big for her age, and the kid looks like neither of them. They’re a robot family. Tom insists on styling both of them like large, identical dolls. Katie’s been spouting the same animatronic lines for 2 years (it’s wonderful, I’m so happy, etc.). You just want to shake them and say, what the HELL?

    And why is Katie out making the talk show rounds? It’s not like she’s less sedated or has something great to say.

    I need to lie down.

  6. Zekers

    I think Suri looks like Katie. I’d bet that Katie carried her and that biologically, she is Katie’s. I wouldn’t bet the Suri is Tom’s though…L. Ron’s maybe, but not Tom’s.

  7. Tabitha

    I’m with you Zekers. I alsothink that Suri looks just like Katie. Im sure she is Katie’s biological child, but Tom’s? Not sure. I just don;t understand why Tom & Nicole never had children they were together for a long time. I thought I heard a long time ago that one of them were “unable” to have biological children….strange that Tom now has a daughter(maybe!:) and that Nicole is preggers.

  8. T-Bone

    It’s all strange. But you know, I know of this person in my social cirle who is a lot like him. Granted, she’s a she, but everything is always so perfect on the outside; the relationships, the teeth, the attire, the body, the high-powered careers, the politeness, always saying the right things, and so on and so forth, but I happen to know she was pretty brutally abused (as a child) by an abusive, nacissistic mother. Tom Cruise has mentioned his father’s abusive tendencies. Something tells me this affects everything he does and everything he is. It’s as if he refuses to allow himself to feel. I don’t know — I could be reading into it WAY too much, but that’s sort of how I see him.

  9. Dlcc73

    I think Suri looks alot like Katie.

    On another note, I thought it was really creepy the way Katie acted on Letterman last night – as mentioned above, it was like she was programmed and robotic, emotionless. Even her smiles looked fake, it was really weird!

  10. Dlcc73

    I think Suri looks alot like Katie.

    On another note, I thought it was really creepy the way Katie acted on Letterman last night – as mentioned above, it was like she was programmed and robotic, emotionless. Even her smiles looked fake, it was really weird!

  11. btchyspice

    why is she eating her hair during this interview?

    and why is she interviewing david letterman?

    she has no personality. i’m convinced–he gave her a lobotomy.

    you’re 29, sister. try to find the person you lost when you hooked up with that psycho.

  12. Zekers

    I know quite a few of ‘those’ people T-Bone. They present as having the world by the ass and then I find out that (in one case) the children are, for all practical purposes, ignored, they’re maxed out on their credit cards(to keep appearances up) and they basically hate each other but are unwilling to do anything about it because “what would people say/think?”
    I’m all for being happy and not giving too much credence to what others think…everyone has issues…everyone! Life’s too short to live it for other people.

  13. Kari

    Why aren’t the other two children EVER with them in public? They are always draggin’ the cute one with. Are the other two heinously ugly or something?

  14. Zan

    Never mind everything else, the fact that they are smiling after taking a 2 year old to a nice restaurant is most convincing evidence that something is amiss…did anyone check for thrown bits of food on their clothes?

  15. cosmo

    Gotta love how the little 2 year old is still sucking on a bottle, how f*cking irresponsible of her parents….

  16. Sarah

    btchyspice, you took the words right outta my mouth.
    Invasion of The Body Snatchers/Stepford Wives rolled into one.

  17. spaz

    I also think she looks a LOT like Katie. But I agree with hey cupcake…I think a) it’s not Tom’s bio child and 2) she lied about the birth date because she was preggers when she met him. The fluctuating size thing was too strange.

    My opinion? She got pregnant during the short fling she had with Josh Hartnett after breaking up with Chris Klein and before being drafted by Cruise & co.

    To Tabitha…the story I heard re: Nicole and Tom adopting was that he was unable to have bio children. they got divorced b/c Nicole got pregnant (having sex with someone else because she sure as hell wasn’t doing it with Tommy Girl) and EVERYONE would know that she screwed someone else since it was common knowledge that he couldn’t father children. that would not be good for Tom, whether it brought to light the fact that he and Nicole weren’t doing it, or the fact that she cheated.

  18. youhoo

    Is that kid still on a bottle??????

  19. MsTriste

    For those of you who missed the infamous video that the scientologists are removing from the web as fast as they can, you can see all nine minutes of it here (if you can stand Tom’s craziness that long – I couldn’t):

    IMO after seeing that video, Tom is crazier than Britney.

  20. PansyAston

    Katie said Suri goes to bed at 11 PM, because she and Tom go to bed late. They take her everywhere, it seems; she’s sort of their mini-dog in a purse.
    The other two kids are home being programmed by Scientology teachers or whatever they may call them in the cult; they do not go to school,
    as Nicole tried to do for them.

    I would have loved to hear more about Suri’s great artistic accomplishments, but Dave was so busy NOT asking any pertinent questions, like, “How’s that Scientology workin’ for ya?”

  21. Suzie Choosy

    Ok, Tom has brown eyes, Katie also has brown eyes. How come Suri has very, very blue eyes? Could it be that someone is wearing contacts?
    I googled old images of Tommy boy, back in his “Risky business” days. Sure enough, very deep brown eyes. Not that hint of hazel that he’s sporting now. Mind you, that film was made back in the days before they had color contacts.
    The other thing I think interesting,
    Brown is the dominant gene when it comes to eye color.

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