‘Supernatural’s’ Jensen Ackles And Jared Padalekci Hosts Rowdy Crowd At Comic-Con, Plus Scoop On Season 8 [PHOTOS]

Mark A. Sheppard, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins spoke at Supernatural’s panel during Comic-Con 2012 at the San Diego Convention Center on Sunday (July 15th).  6,000 fans packed Hall H to get as much information out of the cast as they could ahead of season eight.

“This format is very difficult because you ask questions we’re not allowed to talk about and then everyone goes home unsatisfied,” Collins said, according to Hit Fix.  The fans didn’t seem too bothered, though, because the energy in Hall H was palpable.

Ackles thanked fans for keeping the show popular, crediting them for its new time slot on Wednesday nights.   “That’s because of you guys,” Ackles said.  “Most shows go to Friday nights to die but…”

A few things to know about the upcoming season: 

Sam’s new love interest“Sam is totally getting some action this season,” Padalecki told fans. “Jeremy told me something a few years ago, ‘Listen man I really love seeing you with your shirt off.’ I was like, ‘Jeremy that’s weird, you have three kids, but OK…'”

Time apart for the siblings: “When they were separated at the end of last season it had a profound effect on each of them,” Carver allowed, choosing his words carefully to not reveal too much. “They will each carry what happened with them, the relationships they made in their time off will be very important in their lives.”

This season’s theme: “A lot of seasons past the boys have been reacting to things at the beginning of the season,” Carver said.  “This season they’re starting on offense. They have a goal and it ties in with the over arching mythology of the show, something very near and dear to their hearts.”