‘Supernatural’ Star Jensen Ackles Is Going To Make Your Ovaries Burst In ‘Harper’s Bazaar China’

Jensen Ackles' Baby!
Meet Justice! Jensen Ackles cute baby girl!
Oh. My. Hotness. What is up Jensen Ackles.

If you didn’t think it was possible for the Supernatural star to look even sexier than usual, may I offer you these photo from the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar China. If your ovaries haven’t burst yet, don’t worry, there’s still a gallery full of photos from you to look at.

In other news, are you all following Jensen’s new Twitter account

He joined last weekend, and already has quite a good number of Twit Pics. I am pleased. So far this one is my favorite.

Honestly, it’s like he doesn’t even try to do the Dean face. That’s just what his resting face looks like. Whatever it is, I like it. And I like this Harper’s Bazaar shoot. Actually, not like, love. He wears a long coat, it gets slightly nautical, he’s in a suit–it’s as if they asked themselves, “What does Sabba like?” and put it all in there. Bless them.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the shoot. But watch out for your ovaries.