‘Supernatural’ Hottie Jensen Ackles Lip Syncs ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ [VIDEO]

All Suited Up
'Supernatural' Comic Con 2012 Panel
Cuddle Session?
Jensen and Jared keep warm on set.
Playful Co-Stars
Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki ride tiny motorcycles.
Side effects of watching this video include: staring, giggling, and maybe even drooling! Proceed with caution!

You’ll find Jensen Ackles’ behavior in the video way too cute! On Supernatural, we see him playing arrogant, dangerous, sometimes quirky, Dean Winchester. It’s rare we see him being extremely playful though. His fun loving, comedic personality is evident here. The facial expressions and dance moves are perfect. When he grabs his leg and pretends to be strumming the guitar, you can tell he got really into his little act.

Cameramen and probably other crew members can be heard laughing in the background. I can’t help but wonder where his cast member and real life best friend, Jared Padalecki was during this. If the two men would have teamed up and done this together there are no doubts in my mind that this would have been one of the best videos ever posted. Maybe after season 8 (which premieres October 3rd), we’ll see some funny scenes from both stars!