Supermodels Of The Golden Age: Then And Now [PHOTOS]

Victoria's Secret Show '11
Ambrosio rocked the runway in lingerie.
In the life of a Supermodel, one of the most important factors is physical beauty. That’s the brutal truth, unfortunately. And what is the enemy of physical beauty? Time. The human race’s infallible tendency to age poses a problem for the men and women that get paid not to. These days, models are a dime a dozen, with constant new younger faces gracing the runways and magazine. The true test of time has befallen the household-named models that have been around since the “Golden Age” of modeling– the 80’s and 90’s.

Having said that, the crop of women lucky enough to ascend to the title of “supermodel” all seem to age very well, if at all. Maybe it’s the help of genetics, maybe it’s the help of  strictly healthy lifestyles, or maybe it’s the help of an overpaid Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Whatever the reason, wrinkles are something that the likes of Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer have never seen. 

Whatever the case, we’ve compiled a gallery consisting of the models that have passed the “test of time.”

So launch the gallery to see some of the worlds biggest supermodels through the years. Do you think they look better now? And if so, do you think they’ve had…work done? Discuss.