Superman Lady Love Rumor Mill : Diane Kruger – Crystal or Kryptonite?

Ok, I love me some Kate Bosworth.  Most of the time. Like when it’s proof positive that she has had a few sandwiches (what?? I like my women with curves! sue me!). The strange eyed beauty is looking less hungry, no doubt because she gets to snack on Swedens greatest export, Mr. Alexander Skarsgard. Can we say Y-U-M!?!

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But aside from the hawtness happening in that couple, I really have to say that I am supremely stoked that director Zack Snyder is rebooting the Superman series with a new Hollywood Gem. But who will she be???

Our Superman has been found, studly English actor Henry Cavill.  Hubba Hubba with those blue bedroom eyes. Yes ladies, Superman is on the way!

Now, for the real mystery…. Superman’s Leading Lady…

The newest batch of rumored would be lady loves, or heartbreaking beauties are Diane Kruger from the ‘National Treasure’ series, Alice Eve of  ‘Sex And The City 2′, and Rosamund Pike from ‘An Education’. Diane sat down with MTV while promoting her new film ‘Unknown’ with Liam Neeson, and when asked about possible talks, or auditions for the starring role, she simply said , “No. None.”

But spotted out last night leaving Hollywood hot spot Katsuya,  with her ever handsome boyfriend Joshua Jackson, it may appear as though Diane has already accepted another role. Could it have been a pre -Valentines Day proposal? Check out the gallery and play spot the rock.

Well, until the next time the rumor mill flies up, up and away, we will have to wait and see just who, Superman takes to the skies with.