Pam Anderson Is Invisible In ‘Superhero’

I feel like a lot of what is going on here could have been prevented by some SPF 30 here and there. Granted, she still looks better than when we saw her running around in a bustier, panties and no pants on stage in Vegas, but I can’t help feeling that her white, shapeless dress looks all too familiar.

On this particular occasion, the blonde bombshell stepped onto the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere of her film, Superhero Movie, in which she plays Invisible Girl. Oh, I know that role–I’m pretty sure I played it all through high school. (Cue violins.)

According to Pam, she decided to take on the role because of her children and for the opportunity to work with Leslie Nielsen, “I get asked to do spoof movies a lot and the first question always is ‘is Leslie Nielsen in it?’ And he was in this one so I’m excited to see the whole thing as I haven’t seen it.”

And this is random, but for a second, I thought the woman (after the jump) posing with Tracy Morgan was “Bunz” from this season’s Flavor of Love but upon closer inspection I see that it’s not her. Does anyone have any idea who she is?

Photos: Getty Images

16 more photos from the Superhero Movie premiere featuring Pamela Anderson, Leslie Nielsen, Ryan Hansen, Drake Bell, Tracy Morgan and Christopher McDonald are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images