“Superhead” Whore To Tell All

Karinne Steffans (the one who was Usher’s Christmas bitch present, who goes by the nickname “Superhead” (obviously a fan of her talent), is writing a tell all about all the stars in the world of hip-hop that she’s slept with.

The memoir is being described as a tell-all, but also a cautionary tale for young women who think that life in the entertainment world is all roses and no thorns. – Uh, huh.

Usher, Jay-Z, Chris Rock, Ja Rule, Ice-T, Vin Diesel and other stars of hip-hop and movies who have had run-ins with Karinne Steffans may want to call their lawyers and spin doctors. Steffans, the legendary hip-hop groupie/video vixen/wannabe actress just signed a “lucrative” deal with HarperCollins’ imprint Amistad books to “tell all — and we mean all,” said a publishing insider. The source added, ” There is juicy dish on a number of multi-platinum and box-office blockbuster celebrities, including never before revealed tidbits about Karinne’s escapades with some of hip-hop and Hollywood’s leading men.”

Steffans will detail a “five-day sex romp with a hugely successful, raspy-voiced rapper-actor not long after her arrival in L.A. in 2000; her much cherished time spent with actor Ice-T, whom she considers a mentor and credits with rescuing her and her son from an abusive relationship; and her last days as the ultimate party girl, living it up in Miami on New Year’s Eve with the likes of Xzibit and Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs.”

Steffans says she has sold her rights for a movie and adds: “So, when someone asks, what have I gotten out of this, the answer is my self-respect by being honest and unafraid, and about $7.3 million.” [Page Six]