Super Star!

Star Jones wants to tear out all the pages of your National Enquirer.
She told the gossip mag to either admit that they are lying about her marriage being a sham, or she will sue them for defamation. She claims that the stories they write have caused her and Big Gay Al a “massive amount of damage” and have “damaged their reputations both publicly and privately.”

Let’s analyze that statement…I will assert that just maybe Star kind of believes that her marriage is legitimate, but just maybe isn’t so sure that Al is straight. I will also assert that the magazine articles have caused Star to investigate Al’s choice of outfits, as well as the company he keeps. Al’s been “falling asleep” on the couch a lot lately, and he comes home late when he’s out with the boys smelling like cheap cologne and latex (okay, I just made that up, but it could be true). Star is desperately trying to cling to the notion that a man would want her, but the nasty National Enquirer is ruining that for her.

That, or her publicist told her to pull a Tom Cruise.

Star Jones: Emotional and Stressed Out [TMZ]

Written by Christina Sciarrillo

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