Summer Skin Playlist (AKA 10 Reviving Songs That Haven’t Been Overplayed…Yet) [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

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The first day of summer, June 20th or June 21st depending on your location, isn’t too far from now so make sure to equip yourself with plenty of sunscreen and plenty of great tune-age, emphasize on age with a “D” attached at the end.

Speaking of aging, lately, each time I turn on the radio Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” is playing or Bieber’s “Boyfriend”. Both songs have over stayed their welcome. This is why “Summer Skin Playlist” is at full throttle. All 10 songs mentioned in the gallery (from new Passion Pit to classic Kanye West)  have revitalized me when I thought there was nowhere else to turn- LITERALLY, I thought I was for ever trapped with the same old chorus of “We Are Young”. Really though, it is no longer fun.

If you are feeling the same, launch the gallery and take a look at these 10 wonderfully refreshing songs (and perhaps add them to your own epic summer playlist).

Check out Kanye West/ Ruth Hogben’s “Lost in the World”.