Summer Is On It’s Way, How About Some Shirtless Male Models In Swimsuits? [PHOTOS]

Shirtless Joey Lawrence
The former teen heartthrob working on his fitness.
Details magazine gave us a sneak peak of what is going to be hot this summer in mens swimwear in their Strong Suits editorial with photographs by Matthias Vriens-McGrath.

Men’s swimwear trends have quite a colorful history. Starting in the early 1900s, swimwear looked more like a body suit than something you would wear to the beach; and there were no fun prints or cool colors to spice up the beach sands. Stripes, black and white were all staples of early 20th century swimwear. Over the years, the men’s swimsuit has shrunk going from topless in the 1930s to small fitted shorts in the 1950s. The Speedo made its glorious appearance in the body conscious 80s, but didn’t stick around for long. Until recently, it hasn’t really made a comeback of any sort.

In 2012 skimpy and shorter lengths are in, as are the colors red and white. One of the most popular new designs will be the tiny board short. A nice alternative to the Speedo is a 50s style cut, still shorter, but not so short and tight that there’s nothing left to the imagination.

Launch the gallery to check out the styles. 

Why not enjoy some shirtless Chris Evans.

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