Sugar Names Kylie Minogue Most Inspirational Celebrity of 2006

The Australian pop princess recently earned herself the title of the most inspirational celebrity of 2006 by British teenagers–readers of the British magazine, Sugar. Her poise and grace during her successful battle with breast cancer revealed a dignity that belies the typical pop star behavior. reports:

Sugar editor ANNABEL BROG says, “Kylie couldn’t be any more inspirational. She’s friendly, gorgeous, talented – and this year she’s shown just how strong she is too.” Other inspirational celebrities rated in the poll included CHRISTINA AGUILERA, HILARY DUFF, LILY ALLEN and BRITNEY SPEARS.

I’m sorry, how the hell was Britney even CONSIDERED an option? The only thing she’s inspired in 2006 has been disgust and momentary mild approval from the public when she finally decided to drop her baby daddy. Unless they’re thinking of her as a shining example of what NOT to do, which is the only way this would make sense to me.


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