Stylist Rachel Zoe Denies She’s Into Starvation

Page Six reports on stylist Rachel Zoe denying she goes through extreme measures to get her clients to keep the weight off.

STYLIST to the stars Rachel Zoe is the new face of a “slimmer” Samsung BlackJack cellphone, but she tells W magazine she doesn’t promote dangerous diet habits. “There was something that came out about me giving horse pills or diet pills from Mexico to my clients,” she said, denying the rumors. The starvicist admits she doesn’t “eat like a pig” but “would never in a billion years tell anyone to lose weight.” As for the nasty comments on ex-client Nicole Richie’s MySpace blog, Zoe, 35, is over it. “My teenage drama years were a long time ago,” she said.

I guess “starvicist” would indicate that Page Six isn’t buying a goddamn word she says. Though give her props for getting Nicole out of Daisy Dukes and fuschia halter tops. It was like when they cleaned up Boston Harbor. You still wouldn’t go swimming in it, but it’s a definite improvement.

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