Style Mavens Pay Homage To ‘Last Emporer’ In L.A.

Sexy vixen Tom Ford put on his best nerd sunglasses for the Los Angeles premiere of Valentino: The Last Emperor to step out onto the red carpet with the likes of Janice Dickinson, Joan Collins and Rose McGowan.

Janice represented for the overly tan contingent, looking relatively restrained with her demure poses and sleepy bedroom eyes. Maybe she was sedated. Whatever it was they did to her, she actually looks like she was behaving like a grown up which is…kind of disappointing.

Joan Collins looked fucking amazing in an outfit she borrowed from Prince. I wish Janice would have looked at her sideways, then Joan would have had an excuse to kick her ass and then jam those coffee filters around her neck down the throat of the world’s first supermodel.

Rose looks like she’s laid off the facial tightening and plumping and it’s done her countenance some good. Maybe if she just leaves well enough alone, her mug will go back to normal. Hopefully, seeing Janice on the red carpet was enough for her to get scared straight.

Gallery Info: Tom Ford, Sofia Vergara, Rachel Zoe, Tracee Ellis Ross, Janice Dickinson, Kathy Hilton, Joan Collins, Nicky Hilton, David Furnish, Kelly Lynch, Rita Wilson, Shenae Grimes and Rose McGowan at the Los Angeles premiere of Valentino: The Last Emporer.