Style Conviction: The Turban

The turban. Scary millinery or fashion statement that Hollywood greats once eagerly wore for glamour and appeal?

The headwear echoes back to the 1920’s and 1940’s when you smoked cigarettes in long black holders and wore satin gloves while greeting everyone with a bold “Darling! It’s been too long. We must do lunch again!” The turban is rearing it’s head back into the Spring must have category. Popping up primarily in London it is only a matter of time before we jaded Americans must decided on the accessory.

Recently I bought my mother-in-law (aka The Jabberwocky) a set of hats. She is going through the stages of chemo and setting aside my distaste I opted to do something nice. I bought her soft materials hats of cotton, silk, and cashmere. One of which was a trendy little turban-esque black cashmere. I felt it would be stylish and comfortable for her. She immediately turned her nose up at the entire gift idea. Of course the woman favors appliqué so I am not putting to much credit into her judgment but you get the concept.

The turban is also on the runways again with Armani boldly going down the lane of millinery for Spring 2007. He took a step beyond the turban as well as the swim cap look also found a place on runway. Kylie Minogue fell in love with the style and embraced it openly last April. Even H&M will be featuring the hat which began showing up in 2006 in lines by Derek Lam, Prada twice and Moschino.

So is the style conviction guilty of gaudy or innocent and acceptable?

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