Study Says Watching ‘Jersey Shore’ Makes Viewers ‘Dumber’

Now that the Jersey Shore cast is in Italy, antics just keep getting more and more ridiculous. Its absolutely fantastic watching Snooki interact with her kinfolk in terrible Italian. But now a study has been released that claims watching the Jersey Shore can be detrimental to your intelligence. According to a professor at the University of Wisonsin-Madison, volunteers who took part in a study were less likely to speak correct English or recall basic historical, geographical or scientific facts after watching several episodes of Jersey Shore.

“What you’ve been thinking about recently or seeing recently (is) at a higher level in your consciousness, so your brain is kind of predisposed in that direction,” said Professor Cantor. “So if you’ve just seen a movie about really altruistic people and you get an opportunity to behave altruistically, you’ll probably do it, rather than if you’ve just seen a movie about selfish people.”

PHOTOS: Snooki In A Neck Brace After Italian Car Crash

Seen here, Jersey Shore cast members are seen leaving their Italian home as they load their luggage into two vans and depart for America on June 17th. Snooki’s outfit is absolutely priceless and Deena’s butt cheeks have become famous in their own right. Seeing these guys out of their element is pure gold. And I’m especially glad that of all the things they collected as souvenirs in Italy, the cast made sure they brought back their giant bag of cheep stuffed animals.