Struttin’ in a Gaga Wonderland…

Some women wear red lipstick to draw the eye their mouths and make you think …Sex.
Some women wear red nail polish, to remind you of their red lips, that make you think…Sex.
And other women, like the fantastically brassy Lady Gaga, dons the tiniest pair of patent panties, a jewel-encrusted halter top, and fishnets to make your mind travel in only one direction….SEX!

I need a cigarette.

While preforming at the O2 Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball in London Town this weekend, Lady Gaga offered herself as the hottest present ever to be unwrapped in the name of holiday generosity. EVER.

Well, except maybe the gift of a recurring yeast infection Marilyn Manson keeps giving to  Evan Rachel Wood.  

And what else did our sexy monster elf do in the name of Christmas Spirit??

Wear a hat full of crazy, and a see through rubber coat.  Her body is fierce, like, down to hip-bone status, but…. its freaking winter.  Its as bad as Amy Winehouse famously running around outside wearing her bra and those ridiculous fabric slippers in the middle of a freezing London night.  But with more ass.

Gallery Info: Singing sensation and festively dressed Lady Gaga is pictured arriving at her hotel at midnight after a long day of sound checks and rehearsals. From there the workaholic singer went straight to the o2 Arena to sound check at the Jingle Bell Ball and to close the show for the first night. (12/06/09)

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