Keanu Reeves And Co. At The ‘Street Kings’ Premiere

Is that Chris Evans? And Ricky Schroder? The Ricker? I’m going to try and calm my hormones. Here’s Keanu Reeves, and the cast of Street Kings, at the premiere. Keanu brought his sister Karina, 30, as his date.

Chris Evans is a piece of hotness. Did anyone see any of the Fantastic Four movies? Jessica Alba was in them so you probably avoided it because she’s the worst. But Chris Evans spends them running around in a spandex bodysuit. Highly recommended.

Has Minnie Driver revealed the father of her baby yet? Probably not. I don’t think it’s anyone famous because she would if there was a payday in the offing. I’m not trying to paint her in a bad light, but hey, The Riches is on cable. Let’s be real.

I’m just happy the Ricker is out and about. He’s looking old and Aryan but I will never forget the epic that is Silver Spoons. Learning about, those things you just can’t bbbbuuuyyyy! Two silver spoons together, you and IIIIIIIIIIIII!

Photos: Getty Images

20 more photos from the premiere of Street Kings featuring Keanu Reeves, Chris Evans, Martha Higareda, Kristin Cavallari, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Minnie Driver, Terry Crews, Forest Whitaker and Rick Schroder are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images