Meryl Streep Is The Greatest Actress Of Our Time

April 15th, 2008 // 6 Comments

How much do I love Meryl Streep? Let me count the ways. She puts these other so-called “actresses” to shame. Ho can act! Yeah, I’m queer but that has nothing to do with it! Drag queens don’t do Meryl because they can’t! She’s too perfect! And she’s a chameleon! A chameleon of emotions and persona!

Meryl was honored at the Film Society of Lincoln Center gala last night for her work in film. As well she should be. She should have her own goddamn day! Look at all the crazy hoes that showed up for this do. Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Uma Thurman. And several crazies! Cindy Adams is wearing the outfit that I was going to wear. I seriously should have slapped a beehive on my head, got a Burlington Coat Factory red leather coat, taken her old ass out and posed as her to get in! And Sylvia Miles looking like every crazy Scooby Doo villain! That bitch worked for Warhol! She’s been around!

“While her luminous on-screen presence is never less than dazzling, you always feel her keen intelligence and wit, her extraordinary level of insight,” said the gala director. “She truly embodies every character she plays.” You damn skippy!

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16 more photos from Meryl Streep’s special night featuring Amy Adams, Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Robert Redford, Glenn Close, Stellan Skarsgard, Mike Nichols, Stanley Tucci, Jonathan Demme and Sylvia Miles are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images

By J. Harvey

  1. Shannon

    Did you really call Meryl Streep a “ho”?

  2. Queen Caffeine

    Look at Cindy Adams in her red trench, madly scribbling down the gossip on her notepad. That is some old-school shit right there! Loves it!

  3. ExclusiveGuy

    You called it for what it is, as always J!

  4. rudy

    Yikes! Sylvia has lipstick all over her teef, a painted on unibrow, bruise colored eye shadow, foundation only below her marionette lines, and liver spots all over her sunken chest. She be truly scary.

  5. Nanc'

    Yeah, I’d agree that Meryl is the best actress of our time with close runners-up of Glenn Close and Holly Hunter.
    Being Southern and all, I won’t mention another aging actress who gets way too much credit for just “playing herself” in EVERYTHING…bless ‘er heart.

  6. Nanc'

    One more thing concerning Meryl: Despite her LONG years as an actress, we never really heard anything about her acting the fool, i.e., DUIs, drugs, etc. and although she caught a lot of shizz for it (years ago) when she spoke-out against pesticides used on fruit and veggies, we are now able to buy produce, milk, meat etc. in almost any store that isn’t contaminated with that crap. (Insert golf-clap here.)

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