Straight From Europe: The Weekend In Quirky Hats [PHOTOS]

October 22nd, 2012 // Leave a Comment

There’s nothing better than a gallery full of plucky hats.  Big, small, oddly shaped or made up entirely of organs, head accessories are de rigueur in Europe.  Have you ever seen a naked head enter a church (save for Princess Mette-Marit and Samantha Cameron)?

Whether you were a Windsor at Ascot on Sunday (October 21st) or shipped off to Luxembourg to “represent the family,” at Guillaume and Steph‘s royal wedding, you were hat-happy this weekend. 

Fact: I never realized how many royals are still alive and kicking on the continent.  Fact #2: Most are related to one another (whether by blood, marriage or both.  Yes, both).  It’s royalty, people.  Gotta keep that blood blue, no matter how unsettling the thought may be.

By Kelly Lynch

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