Straight From Europe: The Weekend In Quirky Hats [PHOTOS]

There’s nothing better than a gallery full of plucky hats.  Big, small, oddly shaped or made up entirely of organs, head accessories are de rigueur in Europe.  Have you ever seen a naked head enter a church (save for Princess Mette-Marit and Samantha Cameron)?

Whether you were a Windsor at Ascot on Sunday (October 21st) or shipped off to Luxembourg to “represent the family,” at Guillaume and Steph’s royal wedding, you were hat-happy this weekend. 

Fact: I never realized how many royals are still alive and kicking on the continent.  Fact #2: Most are related to one another (whether by blood, marriage or both.  Yes, both).  It’s royalty, people.  Gotta keep that blood blue, no matter how unsettling the thought may be.