Stop Violence Against Women

September 29th, 2005 // 14 Comments

Too bad the big pussy didn’t get jail time. Lisa Regina, the former fiance of Sopranos star Vincent Pastore, Big Pussy, strolls along the streets of New York in a white top with the words: “Stop Violence Against Women.”

(Images Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    I don’t know who the hell she is… but three cheers for the message. I have had it with wife beating, spouse murdering, media whoring men.

    FYI- When a husband is convicted of murdering his wife, the average prison sentence served is 7 years. When a woman is convicted of killing her husband, the average prison sentence served is 23 years. Food for thought, people…

  2. Fluffy

    Big Pussy from the Sopranos was her fiancee. He beat her up in the middle of the street a while back.

    Obviously violence against women sucks, but she must have called the press to take this ‘candid’ picture of her because really, what paparazzi would know who she was without a tip?

  3. Oops

    I hate to inject some humor here, but isn’t she wearing a wife-beater (female version) tee?

  4. Shannon


  5. nana

    God, she endured enough having that whale puff and wheeze over her naked body. He should be swimming w/the fishes.

  6. Blindqueen

    Can you believe he hit that? In both senses of the term “hit” He’s gross. Ah the irony of the wife beater.

  7. Shannon

    Or at the very least, a cap in his ass.

  8. Rusty

    Big Pussy should have finished the job and smacked the stupid out of this bitch.

  9. little lulu

    Rusty: there is a place for you in this world and it is called HELL

  10. bubba

    What about the violence being done to my eyeballs for having to look at her?

  11. /-\Alexander/-\

    I just wonder what some of the people behind such mean-spirited posts look like when they determine who is “ugly” enough to be beaten by their spouses. The last time I checked, there is absolutely no reason to be objected to violence by a significant other.

  12. bubba

    ^ Wow. You really are an class A idiot.

    Where did I say she was “ugly enough to be beaten” by her spouse, moron? Huh? Point it out to me.

    You just couldn’t resist the chance to get on your PC high horse and feel all good and self righteous at my expense, could you? Last time I “checked” there is also absolutely no reason to be subjected to insults for something one did not do.

  13. Sean

    This broad is just another goldigger, looking for
    a big payday (lawsuit)$$$$$$$$. Typical. Spoke to a couple of cop friends down in South Jersey,’
    that know about this so called abuse victim. Seems
    she has a lot of skeletons in her closet to. Seems
    she use to date a cop down in N.J. She was charged
    with assaulting & harrasing him, had to take out
    an order of protection against her. Police report
    on file with the Waterford Township Police Dept.
    Happened on or around Sept 15, 1990. Check out all
    the factual facts before you condem. Call the PD
    down there, Tel #609-767-2134. Stay tuned, more
    to come out on this so called VICTIM, a trained
    karate expert.

  14. /-\Alexander/-\

    You’re funny, bubba. How could my statement, which contains the words “some of the people”, be directed solely towards you? Stop the unecessary dramatics, please; you were not even considered in my post.

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