Stoic Posh Emotes Slightly to David’s First Goal

August 16th, 2007 // 11 Comments

In reaction to her husband scoring his first goal for the LA Galaxy, Victoria Beckham very graciously cracked a slight smile, in contrast to the jumping, shouting and cheering taking place by everyone else around her. A nagging injury had kept David room from getting too much playing time on the field up until recently and his first goal was was made with a free kick and he was named captain for the match. From the Daily Mail:

A bored-looking Victoria clapped politely as David and his teammates wildly celebrated his first goal for the Los Angeles Major League Soccer Team which helped secure their place in the SuperLiga final.

Victoria’s blank reaction was in stark contrast to son Brooklyn, who grabbed hold of a pal to celebrate in typical football fanatic fashion.

I have a feeling that her “O face” is slightly more enthused. Living causes wrinkles, you know.

More Of David’s Odd Expressions After the Jump

By Lisa Timmons

  1. GirlyGirl

    Uh, if I was sexing up Beckham my o-face would be something akin to Jack Nicholson in Batman…

    Beckham is a H-O-T-T-I-E. I even dig Posh- at least she has a personality and isn’t a Stepford (Katie Cruise, anyone?).

  2. Great to know that David played a full game at last, I’m annoyed the fans wrote him off too soon.

    Anyway, onto Victoria’s reaction, I saw the clip which happens to be on Youtube. I am disgusted that Vicky didn’t even crack a smile, what a stuck up bitch who happens to have a 5 million dollar credit limit at some LA store.

    I really want to slap her face right now, she needs a reality check.

  3. Erin

    She may not look excited, but at least she’s supportive and attends his games!

  4. stolidog

    the picture explains it all.
    i think they get their jocks off through torture and pain. Look at the way she’s digging that talon into her thigh.

  5. Zekers

    Maybe she couldn’t smile…just had her face injected and can’t move it…

    Or maybe she’s like Courteney Cox who says she doesn’t smile to prevent wrinkles-what a fu*cked up idea!

  6. meg

    That pic wasn’t when he scored the goal, it was before they took their seats for the game.

  7. Jbo

    Sad…. She should be jumping for fucking joy – her meal ticket is paying off! She would be in Levi’s and Gap if she didn’t have Becks and his soccer career. Or, maybe it’s b/c no one in LA likes this Major Snob…

    Bitch Betta Recogize – SNAP!

  8. Logan

    Beck is old. The more he speaks, the more people will get sick of him. Trust me. He doesn’t have much good game left…..

  9. Persistent Cat

    God bless the exquisite hotness that is Beckham.

  10. MelP

    Maybe she was just pissed that people had already written him off. She’s probably fuming about it. She knew it was only a matter of time before he scored – why act so damn surpised and elated about it when he did?

    Of course shes bloody happy about him scoring goals – why else is she at evey damn game!?


  11. Joya

    That headline is PRICELESS!!!!

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