Stoic Posh Emotes Slightly to David’s First Goal

In reaction to her husband scoring his first goal for the LA Galaxy, Victoria Beckham very graciously cracked a slight smile, in contrast to the jumping, shouting and cheering taking place by everyone else around her. A nagging injury had kept David room from getting too much playing time on the field up until recently and his first goal was was made with a free kick and he was named captain for the match. From the Daily Mail:

A bored-looking Victoria clapped politely as David and his teammates wildly celebrated his first goal for the Los Angeles Major League Soccer Team which helped secure their place in the SuperLiga final.

Victoria’s blank reaction was in stark contrast to son Brooklyn, who grabbed hold of a pal to celebrate in typical football fanatic fashion.

I have a feeling that her “O face” is slightly more enthused. Living causes wrinkles, you know.

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