Still Not Safe To Work For Naomi Campbell

Just when it seemed safe to work for Naomi Campbell again she went and beat up her chauffeur.  The enraged supermodel”slapped and punched him as he drove” and, the move that never goes out of style for Campbell, struck him with her cellie. This time the staffer was quick to react.  He stopped the car to call 911 and the supermodel jumped out of the car and split! Now the cops are looking for her and they better be wearing some armored protection because Naomi ain’t afraid of no cops.

Assistants and friends alike haven’t escaped the wrath of Naomi. Enough with the community service this next judge needs to restrict Naomi to letter writing and picking up her own clothes.  Not sure what to do about the driver though, because this is one person who should not be behind the wheel of a car.