Still Seeing Double? Zac Efron’s Doppelgänger Garrett Clayton Grabs In-N-Out In LA [PHOTOS]

Zac Efron In His Undies
Zac Efron doing something on a hotel balcony.
Don’t be fooled by how much this boy looks like Zac Efron, because it’s not Zac Efron!

It’s Disney’s newest star, Garrett Clayton. We noticed the similarities–and Garrett’s hot shirtless bod–last week, but the twinness is still freaking us out! Especially with those sunglasses! They’re exactly the same ones that Mr. Efron himself has.

Also, Garrett is further ingraining himself in our hearts by getting California’s favorite burger, In-N-Out! Everybody loves In-N-Out. Even those who say they don’t are just being crazy. See! Garrett knows! 

So what do we think of this new guy? Looking forward to seeing him in his new Disney movie? Look at all the good things that have happened to Zac after he started of with the House of Mouse!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Garrett. Are you seeing double like we are? Think Garrett has a long and successful career of dropping condoms ahead of him? Sound off in the comments!