Stevie Nicks On Britney And Lohan

April 25th, 2007 // 7 Comments

Oh my beautiful Welsh witch! My lady of the lacey shawls and soft boots, and tambourine whacking! Did you know that at her shows she used to be dragged around whilst kneeling on this little wheeled cart so she could scoop up all the roses her adoring Gypsy-dressed motorcycle mama fans used to give her? Like she was divebombing for love! I love her. Stevie Nicks has spoken out about two of our favorite trashbags .

Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears will regret their wild ways someday, predicts Stevie Nicks, who got coked up, stoned and drunk during her prime with Fleetwood Mac and ended up in rehab. “You are sorry later, that’s what I would tell them,” Nicks, 58, tells Blender. “If I had gotten it together a little more, I would have had a better career. I would have made a couple more great albums.” She adds, “I’m more worried about Britney than Lindsay, because I think Lindsay is a serious actress.”

Well said, Rhiannon. Because you know lightning strikes, maybe once. Maybe twice. And it lights up the night!

By J. Harvey

  1. T-Bone

    That just shows how crazy Stevie Nicks is. She called Lindsay Lohan a “serious actress”. HA!

  2. ELH

    Is Stevie Nicks still on drugs?!

    She must be if she thinks Lindsay Lohan is a serious actress. Please…….

  3. SML

    Dude, you crack my sh*t up!

  4. sexyback

    Given their track records, most industry peeps would say Britney is more serious than Lindsay.

    Man, those drugs DO mess you up, don’t they Stevie?

  5. Genna

    Um… You guys, I think what Stevie Nicks meant was that she’s a serious “actress”. As in she loves looking like a crazy fucked up whore for the camera. I guess Nicks is a little messed up for thinking it’s all acting because I believe Lohan does not have to fake anything, I but I understand the point she was attemptiong to get across.

  6. crackamatic

    ………….you dips…….Lindsay CAN act… fact she is damn good…….and Britney…….even though I don’t own any of her stuff……..a few years ago was about as popular as a popular poptart can get ….Stevie was right…….so wtf do you know!……it’s easy to bash…..isn’t it?…………dorks!

  7. I love Stevie

    to all the stevie bashers..

    you are all a bunch of crazies..and need rehab yourselves..

    and she looks great…
    and sounds more wonderful than before..youll never aspire to be as successful as stevie..

    so talk all the SH+t you want..

    no one cares…

    jealousy will get you no where….

    go look in a mirror and then talk to yourselves..


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