Stevie Nicks Not Pleased With Lindsay Lohan Portraying Her

April 9th, 2009 // 8 Comments

Lindsay Lohan wants to purchase the rights to the life story of Stevie Knicks, who would rather die than have the 22-year-old actress play her on the big screen.

When asked about it, Nicks replied, “Over my dead body. She needs to stop doing drugs and get a grip. Then maybe we’ll talk.” That’s Stevie, delivering some mystical, witchy tough love wrapped in a bundle of scarves and raspy-voiced wisdom.

Meanwhile, Lindsay remains utterly miserable over the dissolution of her relationship with Samantha Ronson. The out-of-work actress has admitted, “It’s absolute hell.” She’s kind of a bummer right now. I’m thinking of sending her an edible arrangement. Those really seem to cheer people up.

Gallery Info: Lindsay Lohan buys Coke outside of her Los Angeles home.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. lachica

    yesterday it was red bull, today it’s coke. she’s angling for a contract. what ever happened to the nicotine gum people — did they give up on her? lol

  2. Rachel

    Stevie Nicks is going to be giving us reasons to love her even after she’s dead isn’t she?

  3. Martiniman

    Sing it Stevie…”move on gold dust woman. Take your silver spoon, and dig your grave”

  4. George

    Good for you Stevie , that druggie LILO is no actress she stinks and has no talent , and how the hell was she goin to do the singing part the bitch can’t sing
    so she is completely wrong to play Stevie Nicks
    go away lilo

  5. Nrthdude1

    It’s sad. It wasn’t too long ago that Lohan was a respected talent and that Stevie Nicks would have been thrilled that Lindsay was going to portray her. But the last two or three years Lindsay has behaved terribly and does not seem to have the ability to clean up her act, renew support with the public, and revitalize her career. Stevie, who as a young person had her own difficulties with drug abuse, understands this, and understandably doesn’t want her life played on the screen by a possibly out-of-control actress in a mediocre film. Stevie is protecting herself.

  6. star

    there alot of great talent out there and i could see alot other actresses doing stevie way better

    i think jessica biel could be stevie- lose some of that muscle

    kate hudson could do it, evan rachel wood, keira knightley, kristin stewart, nikki reed, brittany murphy, taran manning (8mile), drew barrymore,olivia wilde, megan fox is a rocker chick- shed have to wear brown eyed contacts and make hair sandy colored

    they need brown eyes or brown eyed contacts- thats what i always remember of stevie- those beautiful brown eyes.

  7. Zqspgslf

    duz9uw comment4 ,

  8. Me

    star: oh please, they are all as untalented as Lindsay Lohan, and Megan a rocker chic? LOL

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