Steve-O and Kat von D Text Message Drama

Kat von D is having all kinds of problems these days. First there was the drama surrounding her “did-she-or-didn’t-she” hate mail that she allegedly gave to her former employer/”L.A. Ink” co-star. And now, Steve-O is calling her a liar. He’s accusing her of cheating on her husband with various guys and has posted a MySpace blog post including what he says are text message conversations between the two of them.

In the post, he says, “Why’d you delete Orbi. Why’d you let your publicist go to the tabloids with “kat dumps steve-o” (only for you to wind up with “steve-o dumped by tattoo artist), why’d you sweep that hate message under the rug for eight months instead of get GOOD press out of SQUASHING IT IF YOU DIDN’T WRITE IT?”

Lord have mercy. All this insanity. Kat’s response to that is as follows, according to Steve: “Dude. Enough of this bullshit. My publicist did NOT say anything about our break up. They got that shit from someone on YOUR end. Don’t put that shit on me. I was the one that wanted to keep everything private. And you know that! I’m not gonna take blame for shit I didn’t do. NOW, PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE.”

Sorry, but dating Steve-O already makes you pretty much an idiot in my book. Case closed.

Photos: Splash